Another Side Of Jessica

Of course the entire point of this project was duality and the impossibility of narrowing individuals down to just one thing.

Early experiment with Jessica using strobes. Nope, do not like the freezing of the body language thing at all. Definitely going to be slow-ish shutter speeds for the project.

A smattering of random results:

Would be far better with some bits of motion blur.

Strobes even froze wild motion far too much.

Not only the lack of any motion blur but it's actually difficult to get "real" looking messy highlights with any sort of strobe. "Real" stuff needs to be chucked all over the place which I rather just use the real stuff that's already in-situ in an appropriate location.

I do think this is one of the first experiments I did with more abstract in-camera crops blurring the specific and the generalized focusing more on fragments of body language. Kinda liked that.

Fuji XT-1 18-55 @ 18mm