XT-1: Bigger Than A Bread Basket

Well... not really bigger than a breadbasket. While it's on my mind I thought I would mention something about the Fuji XT-1's size. I was too lazy to make another picture so I'll use one I took a long time ago in internet terms.

When it comes to most of my personal work I've always gravitated towards small cameras and small lenses. Specifically 35mm manual body SLR's and rangefinders. I was very happy with the size of 35mm non-AF bodies. There are tons of reasons for my preference based on how and what I typically work on for personal photographic projects rather than just my laziness. I also considered the form factor of Leicas, manual focus Nikons (especially the FM/FE) and other 35mm SLR cameras perfect.

As you can see from the above illustration the X100S is actually a little bigger than the Olympus OM/1 or OM/2 bodies despite having a hunk of film one half the size and a lens that needs a smaller coverage circle.

That doesn't mean I think the X100/S is too big. It's about perfect as the OM/1 may be a bit too small. I only liked it because of it's HUGE viewfinder. Truth is I liked the FM/FE and Nikkor glass better in everyw ay but the OM/1 OM/2 viewfinders were bigger.

That brings us to the Fuji XT-1. Wanna guess where that camera and a typical Fujinon prime sits? It's exactly in between an OM/1 and an FM in terms of size. Perfect and something I've been longing for since the advent of digital cameras. More on that later in a series I will post called *"Finding Home". I may even bother to make a new camera porn photo of the XT-1 alongside those two film 35mm cameras too.