Lana Exposure Test

About 15 minutes before this photo Lana and I was making completely different images having nothing to do with the Black/White project. This was the very first shot made as an exposure test after a lengthy wardrobe change up.

Love the body language and attitude that just happened as the result of some stockings, shoes, and some black tape. Of course there was a riding crop laying right out of frame here too. This is exactly what caused me to want to explore this project in the first place.

Aside regarding strobes, setup, etc: Beyond the obvious in-your-face distractions that strobes cause taking people out of any particular moment and making them feel way too "on", there's a more subtle issue at play and just as important for a lot of my personal work; The completely ambiguous this is the "photo-shoot" part or this is "not-the-photo-shoot" part. That division has no place for this project.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm @ 18mm