Tricia Abstract Failure

As opposed to abject failure.

There's all kinds of photographic failure; Technical, conceptual, visual, whatever. Looking thru rejected images from two years ago I stumbled upon a bunch of them that I love as photographs.
That was another project and I forget why I considered them rejects now.

Photography is one of the few professions where you learn more from failure than you do from success. Ralph Gibson

I made these with Tricia while exploring a balance of abstraction and specific. I think some of them are interesting. A few make fantastic prints but I consider them rejects for this project. They don't work.

I'm still playing with a balance between degrees of abstraction blurring the specific and the general just not this way. I'm not affected much by failures of this sort I consider them progress. I may even use something like this on another project on another day.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm @ 23mm