Too Clean

Another example of images that I like but just don't fit with my vision for the project.

This set that Holly and I made way too late at night were lit with strobes. Even with fake film grain slathered on the they just look too slick and clean with perfect highlights.

Ultimately photographs for the project will be made in some sort of context, I have many in mind, those perfect product-shot like highlights and lack of real-world messy-ness in the way ambient light works work against the documentary aspects of what I am after. They are far too intrusive on the subject as well.

This was the last experiment I made with strobes. There is one more experiment that's on my list using flash but not stands, modifiers, electrical cords, and all that crap. Instead I do plan on using some hard, strait-on, top of camera paparazzi looks but that has everything to do with context so I've not had the opportunity to do that yet.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm @ 18mm