Image Editing And Curation

For as long as I can recall I've always had a special code to indicate frames I liked but didn't know exactly why I liked them. Before the advent of digital I used a yellow grease pencil on my contact sheets. I honestly can't pinpoint when this started or why yellow.

For whatever hysterical historical reason when digital cameras and all the associated software crap came along I never used a yellow label to indicate the same thing. Instead my special code is one star. Why? No clue, but my best guess is no good shortcut key for whatever software I started using for digital editing — editing as in I like this one, this one is good, don't like that one editing.

The first image in the post is my favorite of this quick sequence with Lauren. All of them got the one star the moment I saw them.

That first one happens to be the last in this three frame sequence. I was experimenting with how I wanted to treat action and motion for these. I still don't know exactly why I like any of these, worse I can't figure out if I like that one at the top the best only in the context of the other two that came before.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm @ 18mm (top) and @ 23mm (the other two).