Close And Wide

There's a good chance that I stand closer and use a wider lens than most sane people. I don't go for crazy effects or any typical crazy wide-angle perspective distortions. I think this came from my meager circumstances when I started making photographs and not having the "right" focal lengths for what I was trying to accomplish.

Later down the road I acquired all of those "right" focal lengths. After brief dalliances with them I went back to standing closer than I should and shooting wider than I should. I found that by accident I could manipulate proportions and size relationships between body parts quite handily by doing this. A tiny tilt, a minor shift in POV makes huge differences that don't have to be obvious distortions.

These shots are casting off my usual modus operandi and using my close proximity and wide FOV lenses. Instead I am using them to produce far more extreme perspectives than typical for my use of a 28mm. That's why I label things experiments, consciously casting well-worn methods and built-in prejudices to the side.

That was the other, other thing influencing the hate side of my love/hate relationship with the Leica M cameras. They never focused close enough for where I like to stand.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm @ 18mm