Amazing What A Prop Does

Adding a prop causes amazing changes with subjects. Not always identical but interesting none the less. This short sequence frames made in the context of the studio kitchen area with Lana are more documentary than directed. A confirmation of my first tendency towards a looser direction free approach on the project.

These first two caught me off guard but I there's something I like about them. The wonky angle?

The XT-1 is plenty fast enough and feels fluid enough not to throw me off in quick short sequences I wasn't expecting.

Some of these might have been good candidates for more of the fragment approach but my head wasn't there and it didn't happen.

The wardrobe was not at all what I had in mind and I had nothing even close in white to do the white contradictory side of this quick context experiment. Lana is so XXXXS. We tried a bunch of different stuff but this was her final selection for the black side

I'll go through what we made for the white part of this soon.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm all @18mm