Two Frames

Very early in my experiments on approach for the project I tended to mess around at the very end of "doing something else". Specifically I would chuck in a few minutes after photographing something completely different. I think I was attempting to eliminate the variable of warming up. Not just for the subject but also for myself.

Even when familiar with the person you are working with there tends to be a warm-up period where the dynamic changes after a bit of time. Hard to put any sort of constant number on what that is. It's completely variable depending on you, the other person, the phase of the moon…

I've worked with Karla a bunch, she lives right down the road a couple of blocks away. Let's just say she's not camera shy in the least. Above is the very first frame I made for the black/white project experiment after a couple of hours working on completely different things with Karla. It was my habitual "I don't give a crap" exposure test.

Made a few variations of that over the course of a few minutes. Here's the very first frame after Karla finished putting on the cuffs.

Just like the early experiment with Mary, I didn't photograph the process between the two setups. With Mary that was due to my fiddling around with getting a drink and smoking a cigarette and missing literally missing that part. With Karla it was probably a similar thing which at the time was one of those "god damn it, next time" things. In retrospect I'm actually glad I didn't this time. The vast difference in these two frames was illustrative. It made me think about when not to take pictures. Certainly a factor in this project that I didn't really think of prior to this.

Side Note: This was the second time I used the 18-55mm Fuji extensively in real-world circumstances. It's also the set of pictures that made me seriously re-think how I felt about that lens.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm both frames @35mm