Black Tape And Other Ramblings

The whole point of this site is a place to post my thoughts on a longterm project from the beginning though it's conclusion. I thought a few people that work on longterm personal projects that have no other purpose but "just because" may be interested in thoughts about process, project evolution, and the like. A secondary motivation was to document my own random thoughts. Somehow this used to happen a lot when I shot film. Not as any conscious decision to do so, more like margin notes for technical data I used to jot down when I shot film — I rarely do that when shooting digital.

If you look through many of the black posts I made early on you might ask "why the black tape".

It started as a goof. Specifically due to Facebook's moronic rule about female breasts. More specifically female nipples. No matter how explicit a picture it's "okay" as long as a microscopic tiny little detail is covered, blurred out, or other wise obscured. I'm not the first one to play goofy games with this. You've probably scene the clumsy (on purpose) fake or male nipples plastered on top of females just to make a point. My purposes were a bit more practical and actually a sub-experiment.

Prior to the black tape I did a few goofs like this:

Yes, some asshat that "follows" me reported this. Yes facebook declared it "safe". Too funny, this is all it takes to make something "facebook safe". I'm pretty good at shooting precision stuff like this but I did have a notion I wanted to share a few of the experiments on facebook, I know my collaborators did so at some point I decided to do the black tape thing since I didn't really have any wardrobe for the project yet.

Guess what… Something not completely expected happened. From the get go, some how, some way, my collaborators displayed just a hair less vulnerability when doing any of the black setups.

Compare the random first frames with the tape vs. the first frame of Sam without.

Since I plan on more substantial wardrobe for the project down the road I decided to keep the black tape for any experiments where my collaborators chose any of the more revealing options laying around the studio.

Fuji XT-1 18-55mm various focal lengths.