Going Viral Fuji X Style

I put this project site up less than 30 days ago. According to all of my sophisticated high-tech metrics somehow 50 to 150 people find their way here every day since. I find that shocking considering the mish-mash stream of consciousness random thoughts and images I post here. I'm even more shocked I've sold a few prints without even making them "available" for sale. Not just the Fuji Instax prints but big black and white prints on art paper. Wow, thank you!

Yesterday was different, wildly different. The Black/White project site went viral. Well as viral as something as esoteric, new, and about as niche as one could conceive. It was clear how the typical traffic was about 50x the usual for the first three weeks of it's existence. Seems one of my Fuji X Series meanderings got picked up on a series of Fuji X-System scoop-it topics. Specifically it was picked up first by The Fuji X Series APS C sensor camera so a special thank you to @hpchavaz who's scoop.it topic is great if you are at all into Fuji's X cameras. Go check it out.

I'm kinda glad I went through the trouble of hosting this thing in a way that looks like more trouble than it's worth. You'll be happy to know the Node.js server never went above 200ms on any transaction during the peak periods according to New Relic.

Moving on…

Fuji People

Seems Fuji People are quite enthusiastic about their chosen gear. Looking at traffic patterns the Fuji People behave far differently than the non-Fuji people that find their way here randomly. A huge percentage devour anything remotely Fuji related. More intestinally over half the traffic driven here via Fuji gear scoop-it topic explore more than 4 pages of non-gear stuff. Wow people are actually interested in pictures. Kudos to Fuji people everywhere for not being completely gear, gear, gear but also interested in photographs as well. I wonder if there's a correlation of some sort between Fuji aficionados and web viewing of non-gear related photography topics?


Stay Tuned X-Series Stuff

Oh crap, I guess I'm now considered a Fuji Person to considering I've not used any other camera brand in over six months and I have no plans to. This project isn't really even started yet but I can say this, The Fuji X System is perfect and I'll write far more about my experiences and thoughts on why that's the case as well as opinions good and bad along the way. One caveat, all of that will be in the context of actual use for the Black/White project that I can see lasting more than a year. Hell, I've been experimenting and trying to figure out approach for more than half a year now.

Looking through my draft section I've started a crap ton of Fuji X System related thoughts. Just haven't had time to finish them yet. Here's a flavor, some are answers to email questions I've received in the last week and a bunch yesterday.

  • What's in my bag
  • My most used Fuji lenses.
  • Thoughts on the Fujinon XF 14mm
  • A bunch more stuff about the lowly 18-55mm
  • The Fuji XT-1 an intimate camera.
  • Crappy light and the Fuji X-System

Etc, etc so stay tuned if you are a Fuji People as well and really aren't into reviews. One final thought. I know that the material for the Black/White project is not for everyone, it's not intended to be. I will try to put a NSFW tag way up front from here on out. Keep an open mind though. I photograph across about every genre involving human beings and most of what I ramble on about for this project is extremely relevant to working with human subjects no matter the context, genre, or intent. Consider it broadly applicable to any sort of portraiture, documentary, or even street photography as the Black/White project is a blend of those three.