Fragments; Success

I forget exactly when the notion of framing what could be thought of as fragments of gesture and body language came about with the Black/White project. It was most likely the result of an accident when I was trying something else.

I think the image above is the only fragment I made that works at all I made with Tricia even though I set out to play with that. In retrospect I was too afraid to "miss something else". I wasn't nearly as bold as I should have been. Maybe that was because I was trying to figure out too many things at once that early. Maybe not but I do know it was because I was too timid with framing in terms of failing at something else. What else? Who knows.

A month later after evaluating what Tricia and I made and giving it some to sit for a while was what I consider my first real success with framing fragments with Lauren.

Looking at the contact sheet from what Lauren and I made this was where many of the things I had been playing with in terms of approach and process started to come together holistically.

It's obvious to me a couple of months after where some of my approach experiments started to come together here. Of course there are many things that aren't what I want. The wardrobe is not what I envision, the context is wrong, etc. That's fine for now. In fact now that I've let these sit for a while they inform me I'm ready to start down the road of making photographs for what I hope to be included in the final output of the project.

A side benefit other than a clear vision of what I am after, approach, and far better preparedness is knowing what collaborators I want to work with in what contexts/locations.