Prints Available

I love photographs on paper. Truth be told I really don't give a crap about stuff I post for on-line consumption. I don't bother with sweating curation, density correction, nothing. It's probably because I don't enjoy looking at photographs on line. I love looking at prints, and as an extension very well done books.


I've come to the point where I am starting to evaluate various treatments and just as importantly papers. So far I think I've narrowed down overall treatment in terms of contrast and feel and grain. Not quite settled but narrowed it down.

I've only begun to figure out what paper I may use. I always start with a matte paper. A quirk of mine that it's hard to back off more contrast, richer blacks, and all the other wow-factors that come with a glossy paper. I think this is a hang-up from way back when I used to make darkroom prints.

I kind of think I'll end up going with more contrast and more pop for final prints on the black/white project so I started with an evaluation standard of mine; Museo MAX Fine Art Matte. I've also just barely looked at two new papers on the other extreme that have possibilities; Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl and the strange Moab Slickrock Metallic Silver.

I don't have a handle on the two Moab Slickrock papers yet but I'm going to do a few more proofs before I move on. In any case those ["failures"] shown above in terms of project fit are absolutely wonderful on the Museo MAX. I have prints available on the MAX at 6x9 (8.5x11 paper $10), 11x13 ($30), and 17x22($75) if anyone is interested in a pre-production print for what certainly won't make it into the final black/white project but is gorgeous on it's own.