Playing With Context


Location and context will be a major factor and consideration for the final project photographs. The first experiment that had any discernible context was a quick couple of setups I did with Lana who was hanging around the studio for a few days.

Up to this point I've never done "the white side" of the project first so we did a few with the only black wardrobe that fit — Lana is tiny, as in super tiny.

Then we shifted to the "white part" where there was literally no wardrobe at all that fit. Not exactly what I have in mind for the project.

The context definitely is a gigantic part of how I see the project working down the road. My list of locations keeps growing and I have yet to actually try any of them. I'm starting to think that is a subconscious way of procrastinating one of the more difficult things I am going to have to work out; What kind of setups work and play well in each completely different location.


End Note

All images shot with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF at 18mm. Processing was either Aperture 3 or LR CC with VSCO FILM05 BW400CN