Context, Wardrobe, & Sequence

Wardrobe counts a lot, so does context and sequence. I've done a couple of experiments with a "white" context in the "black" wardrobe but never when I made "black" context pictures first. Why? because I was looking at something completely different on that occasion. This time it was more convince and the fact that it was midnight. I chucked in the "white" context sort of for the hell of it while playing with crappy light.

I really didn't have much of an agenda in addition to overcoming some of my crappy light hang-ups. Jeanette loved the plan-c wardrobe so much that I just went with the black side of the project for all the crappy light locations we used.

What's interesting in the things I didn't plan on learning column was the completely different feel to the "white" context pictures due to the sequence and the wardrobe. This is absolutely the same thing as The Neesy Effect. I don't know how this might play into the ultimate process I'll end up when making photographs for the final project out put but it certainly is worth consideration with how it might fit.

It's definitely something I will be experimenting with next time I have a chance to play with the project. Just like I plan on reversing the black/white sides in terms of sequencing overall.