Escape Artist

A brief follow-up on that strange experiment described in the A Tree Falls In The Woods Post. A note to self kind of thing that caused me to think about what might be "an issue" related to what I want to see out of the project. Something that may be negatively influencing the white side of the project but difficult to address, at least for me.

In that experiment I was primarily focused on how some sort of rhythm affected the images. In the follow-up confirmation I did with Lauren I didn't bother trying to find appropriate "white" wardrobe I just used what I knew fit and she had a preference for that anyway. What the heck, may as well see what happens with a white scenario and black wardrobe anyway. Why not.

Something happened during that experiment with approach that heavily skewed the results but I'm comfortable with the consistency and bottomline I came away with anyway. If you can't guess what happened from the title here it is; Lauren managed to escape. She got bored about halfway through part #1 using the interval timer. Of course I wasn't there so how would I know.

I left all the keys on the dresser behind Lauren so even the stuff that is impossible to slip out of was all quickly dispensed with. After a bit she put it all back on with a few minutes left before the predetermined time was up. Sort of a goof that she pulled on me wanting me to find out some other day after I uploaded the pictures but couldn't help herself from spilling the beans right then and there.

The first two frames are obviously during and immediately after the escape. The second two are after donning all the gear again. See a difference? I'm far too timid with respect to leaving marks, discomfort, etc. Lauren obviously went way tighter and more aggressive on her own. I would have guessed the exact opposite. Also take a look at the obvious awareness of when a frame was being made (why I'm confident in my conclusions on rhythm even though a less than clinical set of test conditions).

For the more random/remote part #2 of the experiment I let her hook up all the gear being obviously more extreme than I am capable of. I did take all the keys with me this time. This had a profound impact on the feel taking a look at the overall results.

I have no idea if Lauren's more aggressive and thorough shackling (is that a word?) or having the keys leave were more of an impact on the results. It's clear there's a fairly big difference in the entire focus of body language, gesture, and expression which is the point of the project in the first place.

It's also a reasonably good assumption the shooting rhythm or lack of also has a distinct impact.

The real question is what I am going to do with this? I'm still scared to death of leaving marks, pinching, or causing any real discomfort. Most of my collaborators have other work and can't be all marked up the next day beyond my own hang-ups. Something to think about for sure given how much of an impact this has on the white side of the project.

End Note

All photographs made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF at 18mm using the interval timer for part #1 and the Fuji remote app for part #2. Images processed in LR CC with VSCO FILM06 BW400CN applied on import.