Evaluating Older Work


Reviewing older experiments in approach to the project it's clear now how I wend down the road to what's now a side project. When trying to figure out what that notion of fragments might look like for the white side of the project I liked a few of my first attempts. Somehow I stumbled upon what I want for the black side early on. I liked a few of those first attempts so much I just kept going down that same road even though it didn't work for what I had in mind and how I wanted the black/white project to feel.


My first attempts at exploring a balance of abstract and specific for those fragments with sam produced a lot of images similar to what's above. I can see now how they don't work at all for the black/white project but they kept coming up over and over as some of the ones I liked the most. Other images that might work I didn't quite like as much for whatever reason. The next one serves as an example. I don't like it nearly as much in isolation but might work better, I didn't pay much attention to it because of similar frames surrounding it that are not at all those "fragments" that really work well. I'll categorize this one as might work in approach but doesn't really cut it for either the Black/White Project or any side project.


I liked some of those first images that didn't work for this project so much that every attempt afterwards and finding those fragments was focused on the wrong approach. The few I made with Jessica are good examples as well.


I liked them and various aspects seemed to work. I can tell by my initial impressions recorded as ratings. Some I even marked three stars, a rarity for me.


Even in experiments where I thought I found the approach to the white side fragments it was more of a red herring with respect to the Black/White Project. Quite a few of frames I made with Lauren I like so much I put out a piece as placeholder for what works. Sure, they work fantastically for a completely different project. I convinced myself that the approach worked for the project but the images didn't merely due to my use of strobes on that occasion which I am sure doesn't work for this project.

Every one of those images in the fragments that work post are great for what's now a side project. Even this one doesn't work for the Black/White Project. Sure I like it for a few reasons but it's not the strobe at all that's making it too clean or proving to be a giant obstacle to getting the camera out of the way. Sure those are detriments to what I want but that's not the reason it fails.


It fails because of lack of context and a few other reasons I've yet to figure out. That leaves me with the fact that I am on the wrong path for the white side of the project in terms of those fragments in a way that works for the black side. I don't have an answer yet but pushing all of those that I like but don't fit into that yet to be named side project that's a short term thing will certainly help me to stop going down that road.

Thinking about it and going thru old stuff where I wasn't forcing those "fragments" probably yields the closest thing. Wrong wardrobe, wrong context, a bunch of stuff that makes the above not work at all but a few things that are much closer to what I think I want.

End Notes

All images made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Post processing via LR CC with VSCO FILM05 BW400CN applied on import.

First two images with Sam made with window light. Next two with Jessica strobe. Lauren in white strobe. Last image with Lauren via ambient incandescent during an experiment with the Fuji intervalometer and remote camera app.