Beyond Landscapes

A few days ago when talking about photographs printed on paper I was quite critical of the internet in a backhanded way. At least in terms of my lack of enjoyment in viewing photographs. On the other hand the internet when it comes to other things is absolutely remarkable.

Take this little stream of consciousness blog where I document random thoughts on this one particular personal project. This micro project specific site went up barely 30 days ago and since then it's seen what I could consider an explosion of traffic. Being a kind of tech geek on the side of course I setup a google analytics account. I mean who isn't curious who is looking at their stuff and where they come from?

Once in a while while I'm reading my email and having my first cup of coffee in the morning I bring up google analytic's real-time view. I'm usually amazed. Just looking right this moment there are eight people from every corner of the globe looking at something here; Valley USA, Brentwood Bay Africa, Frankfurt, Moscow, Brno ?, Perth, Hong Kong, Kyoto… Just think about that for a moment, if it doesn't boggle the mind I don't know what would.

A few days ago a photographer emailed me from contact info here on the site. He had all sorts of questions and was seeking my advice from all the people on the planet regarding how to proceed. He's retired and takes his photography seriously from what I can tell. His subject of choice up to this point has been landscape. Obviously that's not what he wanted to talk about. He reached out to get advice on how to approach people as a subject for work he's been wanting to do. We had a few email exchanges and I gave him the best advice I could. I hope he gets to where he's been wanting to go with his work.

Think about that for a minute. I'm honored that from all the people he might have sought out advice on how to proceed he chose me. I hope I helped move him forward. I didn't ask him why me but if that's the only thing produced out of this project specific micro-site I'm satisfied. If only to help another photographer get where he wants to go and move forward beyond what he's doing now.