Fuji X Holding Pattern

I'm chomping at the bit to grab a backup body now that I'm all-in on using the XT-1 exclusively for this project as well as a few others. My inclination is still the same, I still plan on acquisition of a second XT-1 for a bunch of reasons rather than what might be a sensible alternative given the camera's unlikely to spontaneously break.


I'm not the type of person that likes to wait once I've made up my mind. I'm amazed I've waited a couple of weeks so far. Why the holding pattern? Well… It's just too darn close to the announcement of the long overdue XPRO-2. Less than a month from what everyone believes. This puts a few things in doubt. The biggest thing is price.

Hard to predict what will happen to the XT-1 pricing when the XPRO-2 is actually available. Currently it's discounted everywhere by a few hundred bucks. May stay the same but history suggests whatever stock is not gone will be significantly reduced in price at some point. If it stays a current body Fuji may reduce the price itself. One thing is almost certain there will be a surge of used XT-1's all of a sudden for everyone that must, must, must have the newest camera out there.

Why An XT-1


That's easy. I love to shoot with two primes without having to switch lenses constantly. Which particular two lenses depends on what I'm doing. I'm not super keen on using two different bodies with two differing sets of controls when operating this way. Takes too many cycles that should be directed toward the subject in front of my camera and redirects them to buttons.

The fact that this is my primary objective rather than have a body sitting around doing nothing puts me in a different holding pattern. Additional glass I plan on acquiring once I can shoot two primes side by side without juggling lenses. Definitely a 35mm, probably the f/2 due to it's silence. Maybe the 18mm, but maybe the 16mm instead. Sure I could buy them now but why? I know myself, there's not a chance in hell I would use them instead of the 18-55mm XF until I had that second body.

Why Not The XT-10


This is pretty simple. Two reasons, one that matters, and one that most likely doesn't matter but would bother me mentally. First up is buffer size, the XT-10 just will not keep up with me on short bursts without holding me up. I never use continuous drive modes but every once in a while I do take back to back frames very fast and I tend to chuck cameras out the window that hold me up. The XT-1 is not too bad but has stopped me dead once or twice given I typically shoot RAW+Fine JPEG. Taking a look at the XT-10 buffer specs that camera would drive me insane.

The mental issue is the smaller viewfinder. I like big viewfinders so I want the biggest I can get. Yes, I know everyone says it's hard to tell the difference but I probably would since I'd obsess over it. Hell even if I couldn't it would probably still bother me somehow.

What About The XPRO-2?


Then there's the off chance there will be something about the new camera that causes me to get that instead. Right this second that's not anything under real consideration. I don't give a hoot about a few more megapixels. Faster AF? Not really. Faster frame rate? Nope, I'll pass. OVF is nice as an option, really nice but I can have that if I really want it for $400 in a used XPRO-1 as a third body. Really there's not much in the rumor mill that presses a bunch of my buttons that would cause me to buy it now.

So, what would make me ditch the current plan? A few things that are real possibilities…

  • Significantly better dynamic range in the highlights. Compared to any of the full-frame Sony/Nikon sensors XTRANS RAW highlights leave way to early. Sure you can pull up shadows but that look like shit noiseless or not.
  • Far, far better controls. Yep, the joystick interests me vs. the totally awful D-pad on the XT-1 but Fuji's track record for back-of-camera controls is shall we say, ummmmm, lacking. Good chance they will screw the pooch on this. I'll wait and see, maybe even use one before I take controls on faith/internet review.
  • Significantly improved focus peaking. Leica style focus peaking. Right now it's sort of a checkbox feature given how inaccurate it seems to be. It's virtually impossible to actually judge what is really in focus quickly. Useless to me. How hard can this be???
  • Some giant surprise that randomly floats my boat or is a shiny object that I've never experienced before in any way ;-) who knows.

Anyone else out there in a holding pattern?