That Fuji Look

I really like a couple of the Fuji X Series cameras. The X100 series, all of them I really like. I like the XT-1 a lot as I've mentioned and use exclusively on this project. Beyond the cameras though I love the lenses. It's why I struggled to use the XPRO-1 for so long. One of the things I find amazing is not ultimately how "good" the entire line up is, nor how astounding a few of the primes are from a technical point of view or even a value perspective. That's all fantastic but it really comes down to how the Fuji X-series lens lineup looks.


Every single lens I've used so far looks great. There are a lot of lenses that I've used in the past that are very "good" but I really didn't like they way the looked. What's more is that I've never used a camera system where the entire lineup seems to have a very similar rendering. No matter what lens, no matter what aperture they always seem to look great and very consistent from lens to lens. This is probably more important to me than ultimate resolution considering I rarely use a tripod and rarely go out of my way to optimize for the "best IQ possible".

Here's a secret; I like the focus transitions and out of focus look of all the Fuji X lenses I've shot so much that I actually shoot them out of focus on purpose more than I should. I don't consider the shot above a success in terms of something I'll ultimately use but take a look at the focus transition and out of focus main subject. Even the busy lace at the top of Jenna's stockings looks good.

What lens is this you ask? The 56/1.2, or the 23/1.4, or the 35/1.4 wide open? Not even close. It's the lowly 18-55mm XF kit lens at 23mm shot at f/8. No shit! One of the advantages of an EVF is that you can actually see what's going on with focus much more easily than an OVF. Well at least compared to any modern OVF. That's how I made this picture. I used the AF to focus on Jenna's hand closest to the camera than quickly backed off using the XT-1's manual focus override. I didn't bother making it as precise as I could have in a static situation but backed it off so that just her hand closest to the camera was at the far edge of what could be considered in focus. I do that a lot with the XT-1.

See aren't you glad you follow this goofy project of mine? Every once in a while I may actually share something useful. Let's call this "how to blow the background out of focus no matter how wide your lens and no matter what aperture you happen to have to use". Truth is I would probably not even bother to do this without a viewfinder I could see the focus plane or without the instant manual focus override. It would take way to long for my subjects without it. I also wouldn't bother with the vast majority of wide angle lenses at f/8 either. Most of them look like dog shit out of focus.

End Notes

Strobe in the middle of the night. Processed in Apple Photos App from the OOC JPEG.