Pre-Production Prints Available

I love prints. I make tons of them for myself and love sharing photographs on paper with the few people that enjoy them as much as I do. Anyone that would like a proof-print for what turned out to be a side project just shoot me a request via email.

So far I've made prints for evaluation of all of these. Each image below will take you to a gallery containing all of the photographs I've used for proofs so far:

Fragments I


Fragments II


Fragments III


Fragments IV


Proof Print Details

All proof prints are made on Museo MAX Fine Art Matte paper that I use for proofing. I will make any size print that I've personally proofed so far. Pricing is pretty much at cost plus whatever your preferred shipping method is.

  • 6 x 9in on 8.5 x 11 paper — $20
  • 13 x 19in paper with wide margins (see above) $30
  • 17 x 22in paper with wide margins $40

Why so close in price for tiny vs. way too big? Well unless I am doing a large batch of prints my printers tend to dispose of about the same amount of ink every time I fire them up. If you want more than one we can talk about a discounted price.

Shipping cost is entirely based on size of print, your location on the planet, and your preference for flat or rolled on the larger print sizes. The 8.5 x 11 paper will always be shipped flat and is very inexpensive. The larger prints are a bunch more in terms of shipping if you must have them flat. Cheap if rolled in a tube.

How do you get one? Easy, just look thru the galleries above. Grab the image you want. Shoot it to me in email along with the size and shipping info. That's it.