The Fuji XT-1: One Hander

Here's a secret; Sometimes I shoot the XT-1 one-handed. Although I wouldn't recommend the practice is sure does help in a pinch. I made a series of frames with Jenna on a leash (not my idea but thought it might work for the Black/White project in another context so why not?)


This is the first frame I made. I've done the one handed thing before but it was more born from laziness, or having to support myself in a very awkward position. This time it was more of a conscious decision based on wanting to be able to control my framing while also controlling the leash's relationship to the frame and Jenna. I have to say that I think it worked out okay.


I didn't really think about it before but out of all the Fuji cameras I've used to date the XT-1 has to be the easiest to hold and use in this fashion. I'm guessing that the XT-10 isn't quite as supportable. The XT-1 probably has the best right hand feel and the gripy-est texture. Just something to consider when choosing which particular Fuji X camera you use. Not a big deal but certainly more sustainable than my full-frame Nikons. And the 18-55mm is not a burden compared to a bigger zoom. One more thing to really like about the 18-55mm vs the larger 16-55mm.

You can see a larger selection of frames from this setup over on


End Notes

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