One Thing Leads To Another

Sorry for the long hiatus. I took a short road trip over the New Year's holiday. I didn't have any giant plan to make a lot of pictures but somehow I ended up playing around with the project far more than I anticipated.

I ended up working with four people on the project, only one of which was on my agenda before I left. Of those four, there were two new collaborators both of which are on board for the longer term, and two people I've worked with before.


I knew that any work I did over the five days I was vacationing would be mainly focused on getting that side project done and out of the way so that I could move on with more productive approaches to the main Black/White project proper. Although that's what I ended up doing there were a few other things that came out of that I never expected.

Take the above image as an example. This was the very last image I ended up making with Melanie late in the day Saturday. I never planned on a dress remotely close to this for the side-project it just happened to be something we played with for a completely different setup immediately before. Just something she wanted to do real quick before we wrapped up. That dress in the same setup and context I was using for the fragments side project earlier.

I ended up really liking a few of the images. Do they fit with into anything? The main Black/White project or the side project? At this point I have no idea but I do like them and the ones I made right before this certainly seem to be a direction I will follow. I liked them so much I decided to use a few different dresses in the same setup with other collaborators as well.


In fact I went through a very specific sequence with every other person I worked with over the very long weekend finishing up Monday with Erika. Same context but with and without the dress. I've not even started going through all the images yet but I'm anticipating some interesting diptych arrangements. Will they work for either the main project or side project? No idea if these will but they certainly are a direction I'm going to explore for the main Black/White project. I think that general thought process was eluding me no matter what shape it takes in the end.


Playing with the Fragments side project along with throwing in a few experiments for the main project proved more productive than I could have hoped.

End Notes

All images made with the Fuji XT-1, 18-55mm XF. Processed with VSCO FILM05 BW400CN on import.