Fragments VI

Another installment of my Fragments side project is up over at Until I looked and had to write those roman numerals I didn't fully realize that I had six installments of that side project. I should probably either just keep the "Fragments" working title or decide what the title should be. Right?


Just for clarification. Here are a few notes regarding where that side project will end up.

  • I will not use photographs from every installment over on let alone every frame.
  • There might be some accidental overlap here and there of a few images posted here vs. those contained in one of the Rinse galleries. Typically photographs here are more about discussion on any given topic that crosses my mind or illustrations of some techno-thingy. Frames chosen for the Rinse galleries are a bit more curated and a few of those will ultimately be selects for my final prints.
  • Treatment, overall density, etc are variable as I'll not land on that until I decide holistically how I want the prints to look.