Fuji Instax Prints

Those little Fuji Instax mini's are my guilty pleasure. For some undefinable reason I just love making them. I make them with the usual method via that bulbous plastic-y Instax camera but over the last few months I've also been making them with the Fuji Instax printer.


Sure, the Instax mini camera's are fun. They always have been but in some cases they're maddening if you want any control whatsoever. That's where the Instax printer comes in. I've always thought that the little white printers were cool but was never willing to bother with the process involved in getting a print out of it. The thought of uploading an image from one of my other cameras onto a computer and then getting it onto my iPhone or iPad, and then printing it seemed to defeat the purpose.

Then I got the XT-1 and that if you didn't already know it will print right from the playback menu directly to the Instax printer. Now that's fun. People love to take away a few select images as Instax mini prints right then and there. Just be careful, the little printer is just as addictive as the camera. Even though the film is not terribly expensive it can eat you out of house and home just the same.

If you're ever suffering from a bit of G.A.S and what a cheap and super fun way of satisfying that urge for a bit of new kit, think about a Fuji Instax printer if you happen to have a Fuji body that supports wireless. Heck, if you use your phone for pictures (I don't) it's a great toy as well.

End Notes

I don't know exactly what, if anything I am going to do with the Instax prints beyond sharing them with my collaborators but I have a few ideas in mind to try when it comes to presentation.

Any of these Instax prints are available for $5. Paypal me $5.00 and let me know which one. Fist come first serve. I'll include postage in the price (if you are outside the USA just shoot me an email so I can see what it would cost to mail it to you). All proceeds go to fueling more Instax film.