The Fuji XT-1, Finding Home

While driving today, listening to some podcast or another talking about all the new wonder cameras announced, about to be announced, and all that a thought occurred; I just don't care. Really I don't. That's the first time I can say that in a decade or more. Sure there were camera announcements that have come before that I didn't care about. Sure there were short periods of time when something was a lot better than what came before where I wasn't hungry for improvement but this is a different feeling altogether.


Sure there have been digital cameras I've been happy with but I've never been content. When shooting Nikons I was never about to buy a Canon but every time Canon did something that sounded like it was a fix for what bothered me about my current Nikon boom, I cared. Every time there was a new Nikon body that gave me a bit more of something, anything I cared and usually bit. Why? Not because I needed whatever it was I was "getting" but it's because I've never been satisfied, never ever with a digital camera. In many cases the more or better of the new was not solving something I actually needed to solve. The new or better was giving me a trade, a pacification for my overall feeling of dissatisfaction.

In many cases better was taking me farther and farther away from what I really cared about or the source of my dissatisfaction and giving me a bit of additional shorter term rationalization of why all the stuff I hated was "okay". Didn't last long. This is way different in terms of "don't care". This is far more like the "don't care" when I and everyone else was shooting film. I couldn't have cared less about a new model variation of the 500 series Hasselblads. This is a lot like when I was using my FM's or F2 camera bodies. I just didn't care, unless of course my current camera was actually broken.


Let's take a look at this for a second. I really haven't cared a bunch about the upcoming XPRO-2 [other than what it might do to timing of when I buy a backup body( Sure, maybe I'll get whatever the sensor upgrade happens to be somewhere down the line but I'm not enamored with the idea of having it immediately. Maybe I'll wait for the XT-2 or XT-3. I just don't care. What's more is I don't care about the new Nikon D500, the D5, none of it. This is a good place to be. I sure hope Fuji's business model doesn't depend on blowing out 52 new models a season and having every X-guy latch on immediately.

Anyone else out there feeling the same way? I am sure there are a few people that cannot wait to get their hands on an XPRO-2. Nothing wrong with that if you've been shooting an XPRO-1 for 5 years. Hell I got rid of mine because there was too much of a downside. I'm more talking about XT-1 people. I've heard a bunch of stuff about how there's not enough "new" in the XPRO-2. Maybe, maybe not but consider this; Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe it's a good place to be to be satisfied and not crazed for what your current camera is not giving you. What's wrong with that? Do we all really want to be chasing the next thing for some sort of satisfaction fix? For me the XT-1 represents in digital what I've been missing from my 35mm film bodies for a very long time. I'm glad I just don't care.


Look, I'm not at all saying there are not things I would like to see changed. That's always been true even with my F2, my FM, my F3 all of which I used for 2 decades but that's very different than the complete dissatisfaction that was causing me to chase after the next thing ASAP as some sort of fix for what that overall feeling of satisfaction was. Sure, I'll get a new body sooner or later but it's nice not to really care when isn't it. I think the "let down" of the XPRO-2 I've been hearing in some circles is more of a commentary of just how good the XT-1 is in terms of a feeling of satisfaction. Technically we've been at a point of "plenty good" for years. Maybe we're getting to the point of actual overall satisfaction which in my mind is even better.

End Notes

A part of my side project that I've not even had a chance to look thru yet. All images made with a Fuji XT-1 18-55 XF. Processed with LR CC with VSCO FILM07 Ilford Pan F Plus applied on import.