I Am A Black & White Photographer

Maybe it's because I grew up with black and white film. Maybe it's because I first experienced that magic of seeing a print come up in the developer with a black and white print. I don't know why but I consider myself a black and white photographer. Sure I take color pictures but even when I do and intend them to stay color pictures my point of view is almost always from a black and white perspective.


While I was narrowing down pictures I made with Erika for another installment of the fragments side project for a post over on Rinse.io I realized just how much I am a black and white photographer. Somehow I consider black and white to be magic, a stronger magic if you will.

In my teens and twenties black and white taught me to see light first and to evaluate tone. Sure those things exist in all photographs but they are distilled down to the essentials in black and white. As any photographer can bear witness to the most minor variance in tone and light and gradation show up in pictures that hare barely noticed or completely unnoticed by "normal people". Even knowing that, even looking for it, black and white still seems magical at differentiating and accentuating those basic elements.


Looking back my favorite pictures are all black and white. Photograph's I've made myself or photographs made by others the ones I remember are all black and white. Here's an irony; When I first set off down the road on this project titled "Black&White" I wasn't sure that I would actually photograph it using black and white. The first pictures I made that got me thinking about the project were specifically made to be color for promotional purposes on a completely different endeavor. I should have known better, I cannot remember any personal project I've ever done that wasn't black and white.