Open Mind Conundrums

Whenever I start personal projects I try to keep my mind open to possibilities. Especially longer term projects where all the pieces of what I want to do and how I want to communicate are not quite clear to yet. I don't even mind when I go off into left field with side projects as I have for a month or two. The big question is where to *draw the line, or if there should be a line drawn, maybe the real question is when.


Lauren showed up about two hours early while Melanie and I were working on the Fragments side project. Just for the heck of it we all messed around making a few pictures typical of the above photograph. It just so happens Lauren and Melanie are about the same size and shape, at least close enough where I'm not restricted in bizarre ways of positioning them together where one looks like completely too short or too tall or too big or too little.

Surprise, surprise I liked a few of the pictures that weren't really intended for any project. That of course led to a thought… Hey, maybe I should get two people of relatively the same size along with identical wardrobe in black and in white and experiment with that for the main black/white project. Maybe that's what I'm looking for and do the exact same situation and context but just reverse everything.


Then again what about drawing that line. When is the scope expansion so out of control I'm not actually working toward anything? Maybe the answer is when I get to the point where I know exactly how I want to approach the concept it's time to buckle down and not get distracted with other things? I don't think I'm there yet with the black/white project but then again I don't want to rationalize whatever I decide to do with that thought process. That's a recipe for no progress ever.

End Notes

Made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55 XF. Images processed in Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM07 TRI-X 320 applied on import. Lighting with 1ft x 3ft strip light and monoblock strobe. Feathered and flagged very quickly to attempt even lighting on both Melanie and Lauren. Also wanted to flag a white shape on the background and attempt to position the "white" and the "black" against similar and opposite background values. Didn't quite work as I was shooting too wide and didn't want to completely destroy the dynamic fiddle-diddling around with lights the first time out with these two collaborators.