Fragments Lauren G


Another installment of the Fragments side project over on These were the counter point to the same setup with the dress. There are a few diptychs that almost work together but not quite. This was the first time trying that concept.


This was the first time I tried that concept. I did a few more I've done since but haven't gone thru them with an eye towards diptych pairings yet.


I have a feeling a few will work but also that I'll need a bit tighter control on reproduction on framing and subject positioning with the sole intent on making a diptych rather than approaching the setups the same way I have. I'll try that next time I have an opportunity but it doesn't really matter much for the side project. My main intent is using that concept for the main black/white project.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55 XF. Processing via LR CC using VSCO06 BW400CN applied on import.