A Story Via Body Language

I mentioned yesterday that over a very long weekend spent experimenting with approach and other variables that I'm back onto the main Black/White project. I've still got a ton of work to do on the side project in terms of going through what I've made, editing it down to what works together, etc but I think I am done with the making pictures part.

One of the things I've had on my list of experiments was to see how using two people worked for the project. That's been on my mind since last summer when by happenstance I made a few pictures via the insistence of Lauren and Lana] that just happened to be hanging around that day.

The second time was also an accident when Lauren showed up while I was messing around with Melanie. On both occasions I took a few quick pictures in a rush. Last Thursday was the first time I set out to work with two people on the project and actually did for more than ten minutes.

I've still not decided if this is something I want to pursue for the main project but I think there are a few interesting pictures that came out of it. I've not had a chance to really look at them yet as I just uploaded them two days ago. No idea which ones "work" for the project, if any. We did a few different setups and some minor variations in wardrobe but I think the first few frames are interesting on their own.


A little bit of background. I've worked with Erika only a few times and only on this project. I've never worked with Lily before but I've chatted with her at studio socials, parties, etc here and there over the last few years. Turns out Erika and Lily are friends since high-school and hang out together all the time. Both of them make pictures here and there when they feel like it but have never made any together before. One thing led to another and Thursday turned out we all made some pictures for this project.

For the main Black/White project I am trying to take an approach that is as close to photojournalistic as I can get with fluid situations rather than anything static. I thought the first few frames we made were interesting including the two exposure test frames.

Not at all the wardrobe I envision for the final project. Erika just kept what she was wearing from a few things we made prior to Lily waking up and making it down. I figured the first setup was "throw away" so I just chucked something white on Lily that I didn't have to pay too, too much attention to.

I was just grabbing a few frames while Erika and Lily were getting situated with the props after the two quick exposure checks above.

None of these frames were optimal in point of view or anything as I was just getting situated as well.

Notice anything happening with body language, expression and gesture? Here's the very last one with zero input on my part beyond where to stand. Erika was untangling Lily's hair from one of the rings on that collar she just put on.

This next frame is with a tiny bit of positioning adjustment based on my input and with one bit of direction that was along the lines of; "grab her by the cuffs" or something like that.

I was worried that working with two people was going to be a distraction and far harder to get to a place that I and the camera just disappeared. I'm sure that could be the case but based on this experiment it's a far different circumstance than the giant distraction of someone else hanging around.

As usual there was far more chit-chat and goofing around than there was making of pictures. We did a few variations on wardrobe or lack-there-of and a change of setup or three. More on that later just wanted to put this place holder out there as I figure out if and how working with two people on the project fits.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55 XF. The first two exposure tests at 35mm and the rest at 23mm. Processed via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM06 TRI-X+1.