Messing With Hair, Motion, & Negative Space

So, what does one do when bored on a Saturday with nothing to do? Hmmmm, I got it. Let's mess with some frantic motion and Melanie's hair. Why not experiment with reversing my usual use of negative space while we're at it. As in quite literally reversing the way I see and use shadow.

Hey, why not right? Isn't that what experiments are about? Moving you somewhere you don't usually go by default.

Turns out I actually like the reversal of the way I typically use shadow in some contexts. Not all of them for sure but it does seem to work for a certain feel. I'm definitely going to use it as a vehicle to convey a particular mood when it's appropriate.

As usual I spent far more time chit-chatting than making pictures but I did get a chance to test out that Fujinon 18mm f/2. Learned a few things in the process and figured out how to time hair motion pretty damn good. I'll post a contact sheet from this shortly.

End Notes

All photos here made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF lens at 18mm. Processing via LR CC with VSCO FILM 06 Tri-X +2 applied on import with -2/3 stop exposure as well. Yes I changed it up a bit. I wanted a darker grittier feel for these I think.