Mary Contact Sheet

Sorry for the lapse of project updates. I've been crazy busy with other projects — mostly other people's. Doesn't mean I've not been working on the Black/White project. I've just not had any time to jot down notes and thoughts here in a bit. One thing I've still been playing with is that notion of diptychs I brought up a while ago in the context of the Fragments side project. While I've not gone through all of the raw material I made to see how that might work, I have made a few more pictures that are not part of my side project.

I made these a couple weeks ago and just had a chance to look at them yesterday. I still find my goofy video contact sheets useful for taking in a gaggle of pictures as a whole while I'm evaluating which ones I like, what might work for the project, and deciding how juxtapositioning and pairing of diptychs might look.

I've done a few pairings for those aforementioned diptychs and they play a little bit differently than I had envisioned. Not in any bad way, just in unexpected ways which is definitely not a bad thing. In fact there are pairing that became apparent that I didn't even think of while making the pictures with Mary. More on that later with a few early examples. Worst case is that the diptych thing doesn't work out but I flesh out some ideas on arrangement of images as a whole when I get around to making selects and putting together the Black/White project as a whole.

End Notes

All photographs made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Processing via Lightroom CC with a slight twist on my usual proofing preset. VSCO FILM 07 TRI-X320 applied on import.