Experiments, Exposure Tests, Etc

Most of the work on the Black/White project so far has been experimentation on how I might approach what's envisioned for the kind of pictures that would represent the final output. Some of that experimentation is singularly focused on one particular aspect, others combine a few things from earlier tests. Some of that experimentation is just playing and letting the chips fall where they may allowing room for things to happen that I didn't anticipate.

The Saturday I spent all day playing with hair, moving hair specifically was born of accidents in previous experiments. Those few hours I spent just massing around with moving hair accomplished a few things. First of all I refined a few skills in pre-visualizing how that looks and timing. Just as importantly it refined my ability to see it or imagine it or predict it even when I wasn't directing it to happen. The last thing, as always, is that the more one practices on a specific element the less energy and focus is required when dealing with a whole lot of elements. Big things and little things transition from the conscious to the subconscious and just happen.

A Few Weeks Later

Just so happens that Mary was in town, back from the west coast for the first time in a year. Some of our free time matched up so we spent a little time playing around. I wanted to try some diptych pairings I first thought about in the Fragments side project but see how that might work for the main Black/White endeavor.

Guess what just happened without any direction. That hair in motion thing of course.

Lots of it happened in all sorts of patterns and variations just like when I was directing Melanie to achieve every visual variation I could think of.

I was amazed, how is this? The "hair thing" even happened during some of my haphazard exposure tests.

Just a random sampling, it was everywhere with no specific direction on my part or even a lot of effort to grab it. The truth is that it was probably everywhere in most of the experiments for the project I've done so far but I wasn't tuned in to see it.

Play -> unanticipated visuals -> Focused refinement -> Ability to see, predict, and utilize new elements in one's compositions.

I've known this to be a fact for a long, long time but it never ceases to amaze me of how much this is the case. Sometimes it's hard to just play when you've been at the photography for a long time. There's a certain internal expectation even if you have nobody to please but yourself. An inner critic that narrows you down and limits your ability to see new things or old things in a new way. This is exactly what personal projects are for if they really are personal projects. I have to say that over and over to myself.

End Notes.

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1.
- First two of Melanie using the Fujinon 18mm f/2 processed with VSCO FILM 06 TRI-X+2 - Last three of Mary using the 18-55mm XF processed with VSCO FILM 07 TRI-X 320