Editing The Fragments Side Project

Time for another contact sheet. I've only posted a few relative to how many of these things I make for my own use. I mentioned a while ago a few thoughts on how these help me compared to just clicking thru images on the screen. They are about as far as one could get from editing via a real 36 frame 35mm contact sheet but for some reason gives me a few things that somehow feel similar.


I've narrowed down why that might be — seems I get way too hung up on the micro characteristics of various frames staring and comparing at large hi-resolution sizes in Lightroom, Capture One, etc. I think this tends to lead to good technical choices but suboptimal choices overall. Take the above image, I like it a lot. In fact it's one of the few selects that has remained since I first imported this set with Melanie.

That choice as well as other choices seems to change when I look at the video version of the contact sheet. In fact I am tending towards images that feel completely different than that as well as a bunch of what were my initial impressions of what might make the cut.


In fact when I use the video contact sheet I keep coming back to a few images that could be considered quite flawed such as the next one. I made a decision to focus on Mel's hands in the foreground which I knew would put the rest of her out of focus given how close her hands were. The techno-geek tells me "no" when it's sitting there large and I am critically inspecting micro aspects. When I'm not in that mode it's one of my favorites from this set.


That of course comes full circle back to fear uncertainty and doubt that creeps in on just about everyone's personal work. Do I include "the good ones" as defined by some arbitrary commission on photo goodness or do I include the ones that speak to me and what I want the thing to say, or do I make compromises and go down the middle of the road where it's not quite either? The last option is what I consider to be the worst but somehow psychologically I feel pulled in that direction a lot.

Okay enough already. Here is all of the frames I made for this installment of the Fragments side-project.

End Notes

All photographs made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Now that I am at the editing stage in this side-project I am switching up the initial treatment a bit to get a feel for what will be the final treatment for prints etc. Instead of my usual VSCO FILM05 BW400CN I apply on import all of these are using VSCO FILM07 ILFORD PAN F. On the web not too much of a giant changes to the casual observer but a momentous shift on proof prints.