Anonymous I

One of the things I've been playing with throughout the development of this project as well off-shoots of it, blind alleys or whatnot is the balance between the specific and the general. The blending of portrait of a specific person and the deemphasis of which specific person is in the frame.

I've mixed the two and the spectrum in between without regard to which approach I really want or what balance on most of the photographs I've shared here as I progressed.

In most of my experiments I've done this, same goes for the Fragments side project, and now this other side project I've consolidated. The only one I've not blended all of those balances together here are some of the abstract figure studies.

Even in some of those abstract explorations I've discussed finding the right balance of inclusion and exclusion which upon reflection is exactly the same balance I've been trying to figure out for this project for quite a while.

These next three were made significantly wider (35 equiv vs 50 equiv) and completely from the back. For some reason I think these are even farther towards the anonymous end of the spectrum than the tighter shots above both showing zero facial features.

I probably like the last one I made like this the best but I do like the set as a tryptic as well. If I was going for one it would be this one.

I'm writing this placeholder as a note-to-self about how important this aspect is turning out to be and my indecision on it, or my delay on deciding is currently an obstacle. Looking thru most of the material and approach experiments I've been playing with this line for a long time. I think I should probably stop mixing the two randomly in any selections I curate. A way to start to separate them and refine them, I absolutely won't mix them in any final work or presentation within the same project.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55 XF. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM 05 Neopan 400 applied on import (mistake? doesn't really matter at this point).