The Fitting II Lauren

I've put up a few posts so far since merging the Chastity Project into this on-line notebook. As usual when I am at the early stages of any personal project, I have a lot of paths to explore along with where I see the final project results ending up.

What I have in mind for this project takes a fair amount of prep-work. Prep-work not being a significant amount of time primping of hair, and makeup, and set building or dressing or any of that. Prep-work in figuring out wardrobe that fits and will be appropriate for the diverse backdrops I plan on using during some road-trips. Prep-work in terms of getting the blasted center piece of a prop actually looking right on various collaborators, and lastly planning and testing of those diverse back-drops — dry runs if you will.

I never dismiss this part of any project in terms of making photographs. I never know at the end which photographs I may choose to include. Sometimes even if I don't use them for the final project out put they give me other ideas I want to pursue. I grabbed the above frame shortly after Lauren picked a dress to try and getting the damn belt to fit. There's something about a few of these early frames that have a certain contradictory feel similar to those I posted a week or so ago.

Thinking about that feel and reflecting what particular circumstances provided that is obviously imprecise. It might have been the shoes. Lauren bought these a few days before this and this was the first chance she had to wear them.

I'm certain that had something to do with the feel of these early frames. Could possibly be the dress as well. L. loved it but ultimately we decided to get one exactly like it but one size larger as it was too tight on the top and about an inch or two shorter than ideal.

Lauren and I didn't have a ton of time as she stopped by on her way to work far earlier than I'm usually fully awake so we didn't try a ton of things as we mainly wanted to figure out what dress, shoes, etc. to use for a field trip later this summer. After getting the belt sorted we did make a couple of other pictures.

I learned quite a while ago L. loves "escaping" from various predicaments or at least trying to. Odd given her natural tendancies…

I let Lauren struggle with the situation for about 20 minutes while I made a few pictures. Not a lot as I didn't want to be too intrusive. Just one of the huge reasons I love the Fuji X cameras and how quiet they are with lenses like the 18-55mm XF.

L. tends to get lost in the endeavor which is great from a photographic point of view.

Anything too loud, too big, or even too frequent that screams "making pictures" makes it far more difficult to work the way I like to work blending the making of pictures into everything else.

One of my favorites from the haphazard bunch above. Another favorite below is one I grabbed in one of the few flashes of L.'s camera awareness.

A lot of the things I've been experimenting with in terms of expression, gesture, camera awareness or lack of. Even some of the blending of specific to anonymous are starting to coalesce into a more specific set of thoughts on bringing these elements together. Some projects are well defined from the start, such as those devoted to a very specific and constrained single subject or object.

Sure I still do a those contained projects here and there. I enjoy some of them but based on my background they still tend to feel much more like commercial endeavors to me; Here's the goal, here's exactly how it's to be accomplished, here's how long it takes and the resources I need. See, thought process too much like work.

One of the last frames we made as the realization of security and futility of the struggle became apparent. I'm not certain any of these will find a home anywhere in a final output but I'm glad I made them. In fact I got so many ideas and bits and pieces from the two hours I spent with Lauren that morning it's hard to articulate them. In fact the combination of L.'s new shoes and the fun she has struggling with predicaments led to an interesting set of images we made after these at some point. More on those later.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Processing via Lightroom CC and VSCO FILM 06 HP5+1 (just to change things up a bit).