Lost & Found II

Senile? Disorganized? Daft? Possibly all of the above. Maybe I've just made a ponderous amount of material in the last year since moving to the XT-1 and Fuji X-series. I put out a figure of how many frames I think I've made based on how many times my file numbers have wrapped — or recollect. I'm afraid to go figure that out for certainty, my recollection may be a bit low.

In any case you can probably guess what happened yesterday based on the title. Yep, ran across another batch of photos I made for this project as an experiment. They were buried at the end of a bunch of other stuff I made that same day having nothing to do with this project.

As soon as I saw them I remembered exactly when this was and what the batch contained. Lauren stopped by late one night after a very long day of camera wielding and we made a few pictures very quickly. Just wanted to test a few minor things out. This happened to be my exposure test of a very simple light setup consisting of one 1x3 strip box on camera right and a reflector not doing much fairly far to camera left. Just to bring the shadow side up a hair from black as there's no natural bounce on that side of the room, it's all dark.

Even this exposure test reenforces a few of my findings regarding context, wardrobe, and props. What I wanted to play with were varying degrees of anonymity and reverse my usual use of negative space. I think this is the first time I played with both of those for this project on purpose vs. thru happenstance.

A few of the pictures I like but more importantly were somethings I saw and took forward from this quick set of experiments. Like that reversal of my go-to habit formed use of negative space by flipping it on it's head. Expecially how that plays with a blurring the lines between the anonymous and the specific individual.

The other thing you may have picked up that I noticed way back when I made these and looked thru them about an hour later was my tendency to release the shutter somewhere during Lauren's act of moving her hair out of the way from one place to another rather than waiting for that movement to be completed.

I could probably show you every frame and all of them are shutter release decision made on one end of this action or the other but never in stasis. The same thing happened even when I changed the context completely. Then there was this.

That one frame not only highlighted something I was doing consistently but convinced me to spend an immense amount of time just playing with hair dynamics to figure out where they fit and how I would use them. That I remember clearly even if I didn't remember making this whole batch after I got home.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF lens. Processing via Lightroom CC with a smattering of process and VSCO treatments slathered on them as I was just randomly playing with them as L. and I went thru them about an hour after we made them. I left them as they sat for this post.

From top to bottom:

  • First two frames VSCO FILM 07 TRIX320-- with lows brought up a bit more.

  • Three VSCO FILM 07 TRIX320

  • Four VSCO FILM 07 TRIX320 with lows brought up a bit more.

  • Five VSCO FILM 07 PLUS-X