The Fitting III Melanie

I've mentioned that some of the pictures I find interesting in the context of this projects are those that have contradictory or conflicting elements in the same frame. In many ways that's what this project explores be it in the same frame or with the same collaborator. In just about all of the preparatory endeavors for the Chastity side project where I've made pictures I've found some of the most extreme variations in opposing or contradictory expression, gesture, and feel within the same exact set of setup, props, wardrobe, and context.

Take a look at the above frame and compare it to the next one which are quite literally back-to-back.

They serve as a reasonable example because both are almost identical in many ways. Composition, framing, M.'s stance, the background, and even the timeframe. Given all of the close similarities those two pictures are also completely different.

The earlier post I referenced as a slightly different set of contradictory elements that I pulled out of a set fueled by that crop Kami was messing with. In other cases introducing radial additional elements as I did with some of the anonymous experiments is a completely different circumstance.

What I've noticed is without those other elements are one end to the other in terms of feel with just the one prop/element no matter what the wardrobe is along with every shade in between.

A couple of more extreme examples that are not back to back. In some cases the shift has been radical and immediate in other cases a slower transition with a lot of variations separating what could be the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Going through the small pile of photographs I've made lately on this side project as well as talking a look I started down the road on two years ago that are similar it's clear why I picked this back up and consolidated it here without specifically realizing it. The entire notion of completely different expression, gesture, feel, and message with the same person is what I'm exploring with this project as a whole. I can see it even when I was testing dresses with Melanie and in the few pictures I made with Alicia on the fly when I first decided to merge this side-project.

I think this side-project is interesting both from that swing of contradictory set of feel of all of those reactions but also in combination with the far more explicit contradictory implications.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55 XF. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM 05 BW400CN applied on import.