Fuji XT-2? Anti-GAS

Sometime around the last week of May 2015 my XT-1 arrived with the 18-55mm. The rest of my glass popped in a day or two later as I bought them from two different vendors. Obviously my very first pictures were taken on those days. Just StupidCrap™ on the porch etc. The first real pictures I made with the camera were on June 5th 2015. Those were the first torture test for how I would get along with this particular EVF. I led a workshop all about shooting motion. Torture test in the sense that it would surely test if the EVF though my timing off.

June 8th 2015 at 12:46AM I made the first pictures for this project with Karla that dropped by around midnight with the XT-1, 23mm f/1.4. Another torture test of the dreaded EVF draggy-laggy-grainy-slowness in the dark. Much to my surprise it was fine.

Enter the XT-2

I am sure all of us that use the XT-1 were at least a little bit interested in the official XT-2 announcement the other day. We all knew about 90% of what to expect either by guess or by rumor. Of course I've not held one, used one, or even seen one and there's a good chance I won't in the near future. I feel satisfied with my current camera. I'm not even sure about how I feel about the fattening up of the body. I know it's a nit but I like the XT-1 the way it is. I know I won't jump into the fray and pay $1599 for one.

Major Features & Me

  • 4K video. Hmmm, I use my iPhone for video and really don't plan on becoming a film maker. I guess I'm glad it's in there just to satisfy customers who might want it to keep Fuji in business. Anyone else notice all the hype Fuji put out on the X-site is 4K, 4K, 4K? Meh.

  • Faster. Hmmm faster is always better I guess. Like wow man less blackout and higher frame rate and boost for EVF refresh. Oh, I've not ever used continuous shooting on the XT-1. Come to think of it I can't remember the last time I did on any camera.

  • Twenty four megapixel. Whoooop. More's better for sure especially if you don't give anything up. I've not been starving for it but I'll take it. Guess I need some new computer gear while I'm at it. Anyone figure out why the XT-1 RAWs are about the size of D800 RAWs? Can't wait to see how big these are.

You know the rest, all nits except for the two things that I do really really want. The dual card slots, no brainer. Two, that joystick focus point controller. I truly hate the d-pad on the XT-1 and this while not earth shattering and won't really make or break any situation I find myself in it certainly will be an annoyance removed if I never have to touch the d-pad while shooting. I guess I'll have to see if it's as good as I hope it is down the road.

What I Really Wanted

While I knew at least a couple of months ago most of this was not happening I sure do wish it did.

  • I really really wanted that EVF component that Leica put in their SL. Maybe even a better one.
  • To go with that component give me even more more bigger VF with even more magnification.
  • A way to shoot black and white without seeing black and white. Someone please tell me again why Natural view turns of everything except black and white??

Certainly not a long list at all. Amazing considering how old the XT-1 is now. I'm actually glad I got mine post 4.0 firmware as I may have chucked it if I had received it upon release.


I've summed up my lack of excitement in plunking down a bunch of hard-earned cash right here and now for an XT-2. I'm sorta like a little kid in that I like to feel really excited waiting with glee when I get a new camera. I won't feel that way when I hit the buy now button for this. That leaves me in a strange place considering I've still not decided what to do for a back-up camera.

  1. See what kind of fire-sale prices I can get on an XT-1 as everyone else dumps theirs for the XT-2.

  2. Wait until the rush is over for the inevitable Fuji promotion or grab an XT-2 return from Amazon (you know, the ones people buy to review and send it back the next day).

  3. Do something completely whacky and buy an X100T or something. That camera is still the king of facilitating my particular process of blurring the lines between taking picture time and not taking picture time.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1 and 23mm f/1.4 wide open at ISO 1600 or 6400. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM 06 TRI-X+1 applied on import.