One Thing Leads To Another

I spent the better part of the weekend attempting to edit the Fragments Project by piling images with similarities together rather than having them grouped by the occasion I made them. I talked a bit about that the other day. At this point I am going overboard on collections and the themes each of them contain. If I think of a word that will be a collection. I make no attempt to make any picture exclusively one or the other.


I've even have collections representing a particular focus or point of view even though that's probably not important. One example would be "collar", another "cuffs", etc. The more important ones are probably things like apprehension, assessment, ecstasy, indignation, insistence, negotiation, pleading, resignation, struggle, on-and-on…


Making such a potentially useless collection such as "collar" where that's the main subject at hand did do something interesting, actually two things. First it brought into focus exactly what the real reason this became a side-project in the first place.

If the only reason was that I didn't like they way these setups worked for the main Black/White project I just would have left it be rather than go off making prodigious amounts of pictures for it. Turns out it was that prop. That steel collar that weighs a few pounds. With no exception it immediately provokes a huge range of reactions from one end of the spectrum to the other and a lot in-between.


The second thing it really brought to light; No matter what else gets added or subtracted it's always the centerpiece with every collaborator I've worked with. Sure there's a distractor or two with the other bits but it alway goes back there. Why? No clue. Something I'll have to remember to ask about.


Just for the hell of it I put together a video contact sheet of every picture with Melanie's first time messing with the Collar and the Fragments project where she was just messing with the collar initially. Sort of started as an exposure test but I didn't change it up for a bit. Hmmm a 90 picture exposure test. First time for everything. Check out the very first test exposure.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Processing via Lightroom CC and Replichrome Kodak Plus-X.

Yes, Replichrome, a placeholder to remember to post a VSCO v. Replichrome thing prompted by an email question.

If you checked out the contact sheet you may have noticed I am all over the place when making pictures in terms of POV. For a lot of the Fragments project I had one of those Home Depot folding step stools teetering on two apple boxes being too lazy to go get the ladder. That's how I usually hurt myself (multiple occations on this project). All over the place POV, great. Lazy, precarious, teetering step stools and walking on the bed with flip-flops, etc. Not such a good idea.