Fuji XT-2 / X-PRO2 Dilemma Solved

Ever since my six-month commitment to use the XT-1 exclusively was over and I jumped in with both feet, ridding myself of every other camera (digital) that I owned there's been one nagging issue…

Update: I've written down a few first thoughts regarding the XPro-2 after only a brief time making a few frames. More updates soon from my particular real-world.

What to do about a backup camera.? I've waffled, rationalized, justified, even hovered above the "buy now" button on several different options. I've written about what might make sense. In fact I've yammered on about a back-up more than once. Much like my usual pattern I've gone and done something completely different than what my original logic, ill-logic, rationalizations, and thought process led me to think I would do.

Various Wafflings & Flip-Flops

In as few words as possible here's where I've been since committing full-bore to Fuji X for all my work personal projects, and other stuff (yes I do other stuff beyond this bizarre exploration and random walk in the woods).

  • Hmmm, XPro-1's are kind of cheap, really really cheap. I liked my first one but… but the performance in most of the lighting I find myself is irritating.

  • Damn it all to hell just do what you always do get a second one exactly the same. Done right? Well, maybe a silver one.

  • Wait a second, I can grab a perfectly fine used XT-10 for like free. Then again I'll be like why was I so cheap and not get the "good" EVF etc. I'll probably be sorry plus I hate the way that dial on the front looks for some reason.

  • Got it. I just get an X100T I loved my X100S, except for that frame line jumping thing even in manual focus. The T solves that right? Yep, that's what I'll do.

  • Hey, there's that X-PRO2. Maybe that. What $1700? Hold on now XT-1's are even cheaper and I'm happy with that. I really don't even give a shit about 24 megamoreness. I do like that joy-sticky thing. Well hell, the XT-2 is bound to have that. Let's see what happens given that will be out any day now.

  • And now we have the XT-2. Hmmm, September? No real big viewfinder changes unless I want to chew up batteries real fast and put that big stupid grip on there. Shit I may as well get a D5 or something. Hell, I'll stick with getting an XT-1 now that they are super cheap, or maybe that X100T instead. I shoot way differently when I am using the X100, remember, that might be super useful. But I love 28/50(18/35) combo and doing that with an X100 makes it A- moronically large and B- moronically expensive.

KaaaaaBooooom X-PRO2

Hey, what's this. A decent deal on a basically new X-PRO2? Bought, done, Amazon Prime free two day shipping. DONE.


Logic Rationalization:

  • OVF, I shoot looser and differently than with thru-the-lens/100% VF's. Somehow a bit looser all around and I don't mean just framing. I also tend to make fewer frames before moving on.

  • Size should be great with the 18mm and 35mm which I much prefer to only 23mm.

  • That joysticky thing.

  • Can have it now at a price less than an XT-2 in September.

  • An EVF that is not useless like my conclusion on the X-PRO1's EVF.

No, I'm not getting rid of the XT-1. There's no giant quibbles I have with it. There are times when 100% large viewfinder is a better match for what I am doing. I'm fine with the old sensor. I rarely use anything over ISO 1600 anyway unless I am fiddling around with 25watt bulbs at 3am half crocked.


Obviously more to follow once I have it in my hot little hands, actually I have gorilla hands so the spread-out buttons may actually work better for me. I forget, been quite a while since I used the X-PRO1.

End Notes

Random smattering of crap I made with my X100S and OVF with a much looser kind of style.

  • Shiny pants and fishnet shirt: Stir crazy trapped by a hurricane for 3 days with Anastasia and co.

  • Nude figure stuff. Introductory window light on location workshop I hosted with Sheba at one point or another.

  • Blonde in window. God knows, Patty and I forking around one day? Everyone likes playing with that stupid whip.

  • Oh and the shot at the top. One Saturday when we all over slept and had about half hour to get prepped for some workshop or another.

I can see it for sure but then again I kinda have the inside scoop on that. Best of both worlds? We'll see.