The Luxury Of Slow

One of the things that's fantastic about personal projects is the absolute luxury one has in taking it slow. Exploration thru photography, satisfying curiosities, understanding the unexplainable, all of these things are a far different exercise than the commercial side of this endeavor.

Throughout the Black/White project and some of the off-shoots it's produced I've been playing with blends of the specific, the general or even anonymous and all of the in-between. Sometimes thru framing, other times thru point of view. Sometimes both.

At many points along the way I've played with this particular aspect very consciously. What's fascinating even though I know this to be true is that when you do consciously focus on particular aspects long enough they come through and just happen even when you are not consciously trying to make them happen or focusing intently on those things.

Going back though some pictures I made with Jessica one evening last summer I see quite a few instances where previous explorations of a more anonymous look manifested even though I was completely focused on convincing myself that the XT-1's EVF wouldn't mess with my timing.

Even though I've known this effect of sub-concious bleed thru to be so true that I use it on purpose quite often by doing semi-nutty stuff like playing with hair all day, the reality of how this happens still surprises.

The spot I selected to make a few pictures on this occasion was quite random and what happened to be in the background was there due to pure laziness and writing what I was doing off as an experiment in timing. I left everything exactly where it was. The light I used was where it had been all day. That bureau was shoved into that corner to be out of the way from where previous pictures were made the day before. Even my point of view was entirely based on having enough room for Jessica to go nuts with a crazy long whip without breaking too much.

The vast number of frames I made where of bits of action that were a challenge to the EVF during my "trial period" for the XT-1. These are a few examples of things that just caught my eye on the fly. Little bits and pieces from the point of getting ready thru a few other setups we tried. See that mirror and the way it plays in some of these photographs? I've worked on another project for almost a decade called mirror-mirror that has not much to do with this but I can see me using it without even thinking about it here in some similar ways as well as some that fit more along the lines of messing with that anonymous line.

I've spoken many times on the instantaneous effect of wardrobe, props, just about everything when introduced (even when not in the frame). You can see it here clearly. Something else is very apparent here upon reflection. That mirror and it's effect. An effect I've observed over decades and part of what prompted me to do that mirror-mirror project. It affects posture, it changes things drastically when people even catch a glimpse of themselves. You can feel it in every frame here.

The Luxury of slow and personal projects allows reflection and exploration of these types of things in ways one-off commercial work doesn't. The way that mirror plays in some of these photos absolutely is going to influence how I proceed. What's more is the compositional aspects of Jessica in relation to the rest of the frame also inform a lot of what I want to do in more public venues with the Chastity project in ways I can't wait to play with my next opportunity.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM05 BW400CN applied on import.