Shapes & Shadows

I've mentioned many times that one of the things I've not landed on is a balance between the spectrum of anonymous or individual in terms of approach. I've played with aspects from the in between to the far more abstract. When I last brought up the subject of genre, category, and taxonomy in the context of defining what a personal project really might be the thing I didn't specifically mention is that no matter where one comes down on narrowing in on some sort of categorization there's no real way to completely isolate any of that for me.

The same thing goes for the way I comprehend music. You know the usual breakdown, rhythm, melody, harmony. You know the atoms of what makes music. From my perspective this makes no sense. Go ahead I dare you to hum a melody without rhythm. Sure you can purposefully distort the rhythm so that it doesn't match the original rhythm of whatever melody you pulled out but there's some sort of rhythm you just cannot separate the two. Harmony sort of the same thing. Hell even instruments have their own internal harmony on what could be considered a single fundamental note. Stringed instruments, you've got the primary, the fifth, the fourth, the third, the octave all playing at the same time at various amplitudes. Pure tones of one frequency... nope.

On that note (sorry just couldn't resist), Lauren is always up for a bit of a struggle so we made a few pictures that one might consider abstract studies in shape, shadow, and form. With obviously a few twisty bits thrown in for good measure.

I absolutely love the top photograph and to a lesser degree the second one above but they share a few similarities worth consideration. Both are anonymous. Both really don't show any explicitly forbidden parts of anatomy [sic]. The one I like best actually pretty much obeys the strictest interpretation of the rules. Does it matter?

Above is another one that I personally adore and shares all other aspects except one. You can guess which one. Again does it matter. It certainly does for say umm, Facebook or Instagram. Kind of ridiculous right? You might say/think none of that matters because of the twisty bits I've chucked in there that show a context either literal or conceptual depending on your bent and the way you perceive the world.

What if I changed it up a bit and went with a similar set of shapes, shadows, and form let's say identical but sans props? How about then? What if I chucked in a bit of seamless paper to remove all elements of location context? Better yet I'll go do it outside in the woods or a lovely pastoral scenic as the backdrop with the low afternoon sun shining through from upper left to lower right with a bit of lens flare? You laugh right. That may be exactly what's next in terms of coming up with a set of completely abstract shapes/shadows/forms maybe even engineered so that I can juxtaposition them with and without the props.

One more photograph to consider above that probably changes things more than anything else that I'll continue to play with and explore. Even the hint of the specific person as above influences things quite dramatically.

More of a note to self to see where various shades of things fit into the project in terms of approach and ultimate message.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF.