The Fitting IV Kami

I've got a few backdrops planned and even the dates setup that I'm going to attempt to make some pictures for what I have in mind for the Chastity Project. A few of those are private or may as well be and a few are inching more and more into public venues. One of the aspects I'm not so sure about in the more public venues is how much attention I want from any passerby.

From a purely project point of view I want to see how both play out. Oblivious anonymous and completely unaffected people in the background will play completely differently than a crowed focused on the obvious subject of the picture. In fact there are many variations I'd like to see compositionally in between the two extremes.

Just as the subject/viewer awareness plays differently I think both will be interesting and worthwhile to evaluate as raw material for this project.

Looking thru some of the dress testing and belt fit pictures Kami and I've made brought this front and center as I flesh out plans for changing up backdrops a couple of weeks from now. Quite accidentally we made pictures with that very high steel collar. Kami liked it so we just left it on as we messed around with fit and dresses.

As above and in the initial pictures we made it has significant impact on the resulting body language and Kami's movements. I think it will also be a huge impact on on anyone nearby. I may be overestimating that but in this case I don't think so. In an urban environment I may have overestimated the impact when Alicia decided to go 24x7 with a collar but in most cases any attention she got was from waitresses asking her where she got it, interpreting it as a slightly off-kilter accessory or necklace.

I think in this case if any of my collaborators and I ventured out into the public the severity of restriction and the size of that particular prop will definitely attract a lot of attention. Especially if we decide on footwear remotely similar to what we used in these pictures. With the white sundress the boots alone may provoke the same.

Not a bad thing if I want that aspect in the pictures but it could possibly be as I am definitely not of the group that likes to be detained by security, police, or other people that take the "threat of camera wielding people" in public places. Being detained or accosted by any of the above seems to be some sort of merit badge for photographers now. That's the last thing I want when making pictures. Something to think about and definitely a decision to be made. Hell that's one of the reasons I much prefer the 18/35 combo of tiny primes instead of the 18-55mm when out and about.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XT-1 and 18-55mm XF. Processing via Lightroom CC with a heavily modified VSCO HP5 preset.