Projects & Process


I've just started to have even a little time since my first XPro-2 field report to start digging through all of the experiments, and stuff I made on my hiatus from client work a couple weeks ago. I've probably brought up the special category I have even prior to digital editing where I've flagged frames that I liked but didn't know why.

I thought instead of my usual M.O. that instead of posting a few frames that caught my eye in a particular way — a good way, which usually chnages and evolves as a project progresses I would instead post a few of those specially flagged frames.


So what is it about this classification and these frames exactly? I really don't know. In most cases there's something wonky about them, the way the light was falling wasn't exactly optimal, or I grabbed a moment that overall didn't work as well as others, bottom-line is that something about them was amiss but I liked them anyway. They didn't stand up to others in any measurable way, in probably more ways than one they were flawed by some measure. Not flawed in some in-your-face way or a way that was interesting in itself. Just generally run of the mill kind of flaws.


I guess that's why I am curious about them and flag them in the first place. As in there's nothing wonderfully special I can point to, they don't measure up to get select status, in most cases they never see the light of day where other frames do. That's the curious thing. I still like them.

In fact I'll go all bizarro on them in terms of treatment. I'll go crazy dark, or crazy bright, or mash the highlights, ruin the shadow separation, all of it and it still doesn't matter. There's something in there that transcends photographic effect that I am drawn to but I can't articulate it even to myself.


Sometimes I'll see things that creep into completely different projects or work that if I go back and look have a strangely similar feel to some of those special status frames from years ago. On other occasions I'll look at something I made so long ago the exact time frame is cloudy but some, not usually all, just some of those frames turn out to be my actual favorites once I am far enough away not to be looking at it from a perfect this or perfect that point of view, or even what I was focused on at the time.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XPro-2 and 18mm f/2 R. Processing via Lightroom CC and VSCO FILM05 BW400CN soft highs. One of the more wonky bizarre treatments from those particular presets.