Three Months Late

My original goal was to have the Fragments side project wrapped up by June 2016. Wishful thinking. I still think I am very much done with making raw material for the little side track. The issue is I just can't seem to settle on final selections. I've had to push back some tentative print showings I've discussed with a few people because I just cannot decide on a a thru-line for the series yet.

Every time I think I've got the thru line settled I go back over my selects and make different choices on individual frames. That in turn makes me question the thru-line for all of the selections together as a whole. The good news is it's a personal project so who cares right? Maybe I'll give it some more distance, not world ending. Then again is that just procrastinating, will more time and distance actually change anything when I come back and try to make those decisions later. Will they be more informed? Will they be easier for me to make? Or will it just be the same but later, and later.

I know I'll have to draw a line in the sand somewhere or never be done with it. The question is should I do it now or should I give it a bit more time. I'm still finding some of those strange video contact sheets useful in taking it all in quickly. I might try the same thing with the current state of my selects and possibly a couple of those thru-lines overall I'm wrestling with to see if that helps before putting it on a shelf for another few months.