The Fitting V Jessica

I find myself referring to quite a few posts in this on-going public notebook when planning any sort of further work on any of the related projects. One of the recent notes that was a discovery of mine was regarding the chastity project. I typically make sure that there's a lot of time, usually all day or a couple of days to work on this. In all of the cases to date that's been purely based on practical considerations.

In the post I was referring to above I discovered a completely different part of that time equation. Specifically me and how I need to approach this in a very different way. The time equation is not only due to all the literal nuts and bolts that need to be adjusted, and metal pieces that need to be bent and coaxed into shape. Sure that takes a while but many of the photographs I'm looking for happen way after that. Not in close proximity. In fact few happen immediately after that initial fitting.

The couple of frames I've included are representative of certain aspects of what I am looking to incorporate into the project with different backdrops. Their frequent at this stage but much more infrequent afterwards. The couple here with Jessica are immediately after getting most of the screws and bolts about right along with most of the bending of various bits.

This was the first dress we tried and decided against. Not substantial enough and definitely not a great idea for out and about. Too short as well. Above is one of my favorite frames from a few quick shots while trying out that first dress while still making a few bendy adjustments.

I relish these informal, semi-BTS pictures on the way to doing something else as I've mentioned dozens of times. I think I always have, not just on these projects but my favorite frames from more commercial endeavors have always been the BTS photos I made for no real reason typically with cameras that I wasn't using for the "real work".

The equation that I am after has typically been something along the lines of when the person or people in front of my camera are "off camera" in terms of mindset and I am "on". This works great at the beginning. The challenge I have to overcome, especially for the chastity project is that it's impossible for me to maintain that state of "on" for 12 hours at a time, or 24, or 48 hours. I need to put my head in a very different space and spread that focus and state of visual awareness out over a much longer time frame that's tuned into what happens with my collaborators.

End Notes

All pictures made with the Fuji XPro-2 and 18mm f/2 R. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM 06 TRI-X+1 applied on import.