The Fitting VI Jessica

A quick follow-up note to a post from a little while ago with Jessica and the Chastity Project. I happened to mention something in that post that somehow I just came to see clearly.

I relish these informal, semi-BTS pictures on the way to doing something else as I've mentioned dozens of times. I think I always have, not just on these projects but my favorite frames from more commercial endeavors have always been the BTS photos I made for real reason typically with cameras that I wasn't using for the "real work".

Looking back at all of the fitting posts for the chastity project, I clearly see that these informal semi-candid grab shots have some of the key characteristics I've been attracted to for a very long time.

Floating somewhere between candids, environmental portraits, and documentary. This is what I want out of a few of the projects that fall under the umbrella of projects I made notes about here. Especially the chastity project.

Ultimately I want to combine this with other elements and backdrops out and about that emphasis what I discuss in a post I made when first starting to play with this project.

End Notes

More later. Just a couple of place holder pictures of the second dress Jessica was trying on to see what might be compatible with the main prop.

All pictures made with the Fuji XPro-2 and 18mm f/2 R. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM05 BW400CN applied on import.