The Little Things

The other day I made a few notes on degrees of subtlety. Sure the props and motivations and subject matter are kind of hit in face with hammer but inside that I'm looking for what could be considered tiny little things that are the important things for these projects. I also brought up the topic of composition. That's a vague term that I consider a vast oversimplification of about a million discrete variables.

I play a lot with a lot of those million variables hopefully in the service of what I am trying to accomplish here. Case in point a couple of frames included here as a placeholder to consider moving forward. Melanie in black and Lauren in white. One mirror with not a lot of real estate. An arrangement photographed with an 18mm lens.

Did you notice Melanie at first glance? Maybe but probably wouldn't have in a sea of thumbnails. This was the first time playing with a mirror to include elements into an overall composition on purpose. I've done it by accident a while ago and made a note months ago here to play with it some more.

Possibly even more subtle with Lauren even closer to the mirror. I happen to like these frames and definitely am considering playing a lot more with mirrors to incorporate elements. Messing with relative size and dominance in the frame is easy. Move things closer or farther in relationship to the mirror. This is about as small as I want to go. I think small is good but not for the internet. In prints where there's a tendency to actually look at a picture for 100 times longer than the 14 milliseconds on-line images get I think it will work well for this project.

Contrast this approach to hitting in the face with hammer such as below. Or similar with Erika and Lily.

Sure the above work as well with some of the same overall messages but I think I want somewhere in between the two.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XPro-2 and 18mm f/2 R. Processing via Lightroom CC with VSCO FILM 06 TRI-X+1 applied on import. More thoughts on composition later in terms of framing and anonymity.