The Fitting V Jessica Pt II

The quick note I left on the Chastity Project the other day was one of those note's to self I leave on this semi-random document on all of the related projects here. A connecting of a few dots I want to remember and serve as anchor points to where I think I'm going.

The last picture in that short post has aspects of another facet I've been playing with for a while. I've not quite landed on where I want the balance of specific and general to be. Maybe a combination of both in the final photos for the project? I don't really know yet. Right now I'm thinking it's either very specific more like a portrait or anonymous.

The last picture in the previous post was a balance of what I guess could be considered semi-anonymous. Maybe the edge of what could be considered specific but not completely? Above Is the other edge with the most I can include of Jessica's face and be truly anonymous. Below is what I consider completely anonymous.

Having made these a few weeks ago I'm still vacillating on which feel suits the project more appropriately. Today, I happen to think the above fits better. A few weeks should be enough time to figure it out right?

Looking back this is an aspect I've been experimenting with for quite a while. I've included a couple of frames here that I made with Jesica that are on the completely anonymous side. I made an equal number of frames that are those in-between as well as specific. I could continue to do the same next time, and the time after that. That would be the safe thing to do if I'm not sure yet right?

It's probably what I'll do for now but somehow I feel that's just pushing project selection and editing decisions farther down the road. I guess that's okay but there's probably a point where it's not. Delaying that kind of decision can be a huge obstacle to actually finishing a personal project. I could delay it infinitely and just continue to make pictures. Certainly a danger, the question is when do you put a stake in the ground?

The last picture I'll include here is also the last frame I made while Jessica made final adjustments to the belt by bending and twisting it to fit correctly. J. was literally exhausted from the effort of bending it into a shape that she could live with the rest of the day. I grabbed two frames and wasn't thinking about the specific/general/anonymous balance in the least at that point. A sign? Maybe I should stop thinking about it so much or at least that aspect.

End Notes

All photos made with the Fuji XPro-2 and Fuji 18mm f/2 R. Processing via Lightroom CC. I went a bit nuts on the treatment with a heavily modified preset for an extremely gritty treatment inspired by ultra-high speed film developed to a fairly high CI with a ton of grain. Just to see if that's a direction I want to go for the project.